The Best Innovative Digital Experiences from Luxury Brands in 2022

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It’s worth taking a moment to reflect on the seismic shifts that took place in 2022 — shifts that will undoubtedly shape the technology landscape for years to come. In the past year, major industry players made pivotal decisions that will steer the direction of innovation, especially within consumer brands for the next 2–5 years, cementing 2022 as a transformative year for tech.

Therefore, we’ve decided to release ‘TECHTEE’s Awards Series’ for The Best Innovative Digital Experiences from Luxury Brands in 2022. As the leaders and connoisseurs of digital campaigns and activations, we take pride in our ability to assess user experience with a technical lens, dissecting every aspect required for a remarkable digital encounter. Our thorough evaluation criteria encompassed various elements such as mobile responsiveness, website speed, ingenuity, cutting-edge technologies, and a plethora of other components that we utilise when developing software solutions with our partners.

So let’s get into it..

5. Gucci Vault Land

Screenshop of Gucci Vault Land, Courtesy of Gucci

Gucci, the timeless icon of luxury fashion, is proving that it has its finger on the pulse of cutting-edge technology with its pioneering foray into Web3 campaigns. Unquestionably at the forefront of the industry, Gucci has demonstrated its visionary approach to digital innovation time and time again. Amongst their latest and greatest, the Gucci Vault Land stands out as a shining example of their unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries. Described by Gucci as a veritable digital paradise, the Gucci Vault Land is poised to revolutionise the way we experience luxury fashion in the online realm.

Robots with computers as heads lead the way through the various facets of the landscape — from a motorcycle racing game to the Vault Vintage Lab. Encompassing all the facets of the concept store, Gucci Vault Land celebrates a careful curation of rare vintage Gucci pieces, the dialogues between contemporary creators and the House, the enthusiasm for NFT artworks, and the magic that arises when all these different facets coalesce and when the communities around them converge.

It’s abundantly clear that Gucci has made a seamless transition into the realm of digital luxury, proving their unbridled prowess in this arena. Understanding the intrinsic relationship between digital and physical experiences in the world of haute couture, Gucci has taken this concept to soaring heights with their awe-inspiring “phygital” offerings. Not content with merely dipping their toes into this new frontier, Gucci has doubled down on delivering the same exceptional quality in their digital experiences as they do in their sumptuous physical goods. In doing so, Gucci has cemented their position as a true trailblazer in the ever-evolving world of luxury fashion.

Why #5

At TECHTEE, our extensive research and development of various Web3 platforms has led us to a profound understanding of the immense value of gamification in this digital landscape. As the popularity of this concept continues to soar, it’s abundantly clear that Gucci has taken note of its immense potential as well. With their striking visuals and distinctive branding, Gucci’s gamified approach to the digital realm has captivated the hearts of a broad audience — from toddlers to seasoned fashion connoisseurs. It’s truly remarkable to witness such an iconic brand successfully engaging with such a vast demographic, and developing brand recognition from such a young age is an accomplishment in and of itself. But it’s not just the young ones who are enraptured by this new approach — even those in their 40s, 50s, and 60s who have long been devoted to the artistry of luxury fashion houses like Gucci are drawn to the novelty of this experience. The allure of experiencing this storied brand in an entirely new way has piqued the curiosity and dedication of this older audience, proving once again that Gucci’s innovative foray into Web3 is truly transcendent.

4. Prada Timecapsule

Prada Timecapsule Christmas 2022 Drop

Back in 2019, Prada joined the ranks of the earliest adopters of Web3 technology in the realm of luxury fashion. Their Prada Timecapsule was a resounding success, and they’ve continued to lure consumers from all walks of life with a number of exciting drops ever since. Their latest offering — an aesthetically pleasing NFT drop that arrived just in time for Christmas — is a testament to Prada’s mastery of the art of generating scarcity through the seamless interplay between digital and physical goods. As they continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of luxury fashion, Prada proves time and time again that they’re a force to be reckoned with in this ever-evolving digital landscape.

Prada presents the new Timecapsule NFT Collection. Each drop is linked to both a limited edition physical product and a gifted NFT.

Why #4

In a world where complexity reigns supreme, Prada has defied convention by achieving unprecedented success through sheer simplicity — in the context of Web3 activations that is. By masterfully curating a collection of regular, yet refreshingly innovative releases, the luxury house has spawned an entirely new realm of business that’s now nearly as recognizable as their iconic boutiques, website, and physical activations. This approach has proven to be a powerful tool for welcoming new consumers with a low barrier to entry, and the popularity of these offerings is rapidly approaching that of Prada’s most viral collections. What’s more, the technology behind these launches is a testament to the seamless precision that TECHTEE champions — making it no surprise that Prada has earned the highly-coveted #4 spot in the pantheon of digital luxury innovators.

3. SSENSE x Converse, Converse Mapped

SSENSE x Converse Mapped

When it comes to luxury brands and their Web3 offerings, we’ve grown used to similar formulaic approaches — where a handful of innovative technologies and solutions have begun to feel somewhat predictable. But the SSENSE x Converse Mapped digital experience launched in 2022 really broke the mold in a way that felt stimulating and accessible. In fact, according to us, this was the most uniquely executed campaign of the year. Rather than referencing similar brands and the digital experiences that have previously been released, SSENSE and Converse boldly ventured into a creative brainstorm, offering a multidimensional experience that defied familiar categorisation.

SSENSE : CONVERSE Mapped — Explore the SS22 Core Collection with Kirk Lisaj. The CONVERSE SS22 Core Collection: Available now on #SSENSE.

SSENSE and Converse joined forces with creators from all corners of the globe to craft something truly unique. In the initial release, they harnessed the power of cutting-edge mapping technology to create a digital world that brought to life the creations of these visionary individuals, serving as a symbol of connection in the wake of the pandemic and ensuing lockdowns, whilst providing access to e-commerce. And that was just the beginning — in a second instalment, they took things to the next level by throwing a full-blown block party in Montreal (if you went, you would know it was incredible by the way), streaming it all live through the meticulously crafted, and highly technical online experience. TECHTEE had the distinct pleasure of partnering with SSENSE & Converse bring this incredible activation to life.

Why #3

Easy — it’s this kind of multidimensional approach to experiential marketing that sets SSENSE and Converse apart as true digital trailblazers.

2. Spatial Labs, LNQ Marketplace

Courtesy of LNQ Martkeplace

For those who are not familiar with Spatial Labs, let us introduce you to it. Founded by 25-year-old digital architect Iddris Sandu, Spatial Labs is a Web3 infrastructure and hardware company that are creating products and shopping experiences using augmented reality. Recently raising a $10 million seed round from VC firm Blockchain Capital & Marcy Venture Partners (co-founded by Jay-Z) — Spatial Labs is easily one of our favourite new companies.

“LNQ is built on the idea of creating real-world utility, and creating products that provide a fully immersive experience.” — Iddris Sandu

LNQ Marketplace is a decentralised retail ecosystem that aims to redefine how we buy, own, and sell physical and digital products across both planes. All item listed on the LNQ Marketplace are embedded with LNQ’s cutting-edge blockchain-enabled LNQ One Microchip, providing buyer and seller authentication and offering complete transparency into a product’s lifecycle.

Why #2

LNQ has made reality of the much needed concept whereby physical goods are validated and can possibly be authenticated through a consumer-led digital experience — an experience often references under the Metaverse umbrella. The innovation is leads in a space that is well discussed but rarely developed until now. The functionality is impressive, utilises physical and digital with equal importance, and Iddris has shown not only to lead extremely well but create the technology we hope to experience tomorrow. We’re very excited to see more from LNQ Marketplace and Spatial Labs.

1. .SWOOSH by Nike

Courtesy of Nike via

Nike made headlines globally in November 2022 when they unveiled their Web3-enabled platform, .SWOOSH

Nike is launching .SWOOSH, a web3-enabled platform that champions athletes and serves the future of sport by creating a new, inclusive digital community and experience and a home for Nike virtual creations.

Nike’s newly launched Web3-enabled platform, .SWOOSH, is not only a place to learn about and collect virtual creations, but it also offers the unique opportunity to co-create with others. With Nike’s signature high-quality graphics, the platform is also an e-commerce hub, facilitating buying and trading of physical goods. Additionally, .SWOOSH serves as a platform for competitions, VIP access, and community collaboration, making it a comprehensive and dynamic space for all things Nike.

Why #1

Nike has achieved what many other brands are striving for: the creation of a natural global community, bolstered by decades of successful marketing campaigns and an unmistakable brand that is recognized worldwide. With strategic partnerships with Web3-centric brands like RTFKT, Nike is perfectly positioned to create the ultimate formula for a successful Web3 movement that incorporates all the key elements of community, technology, design, innovation, and boundless creativity. While there is still much more to come from .SWOOSH, Nike has already set a high bar for large-scale Web3 platforms, equipped with the boundary pushing technologies that will be very hard to compete with.

And there you have it folks, our top 5 picks for the best innovative digital experiences launched in luxury in 2022 — we hope you enjoyed it.

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